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Nikon CoolScan V ED scanner



More about the Nikon CoolScan used by the scanner

A high-performance film scanner, the COOLSCAN V ED is designed to be easy to operate. A true optical resolution of 4,000 dpi and 14-bit A/D input conversion allow the scanner to produce scans at a level of quality previously only available with higher-priced models.

Fast slide & negative scanning

Scan speed is also surprisingly fast - the COOLSCAN V ED can scan an image in only 38 seconds (including image transfer and display). Users who wish to print out images of films of scanned images or attach them to email, and also those who are involved in, or wish to begin, archiving of old and new films in digital image form - as well as personal or business web-page designers - will find the COOLSCAN V ED both simple to operate and long on quality.

Better than cheaper flat bed scanners

Flatbed scanners don't measure up when it comes to image quality. Further enhancing the value of the COOLSCAN V ED is a lineup of accessories that makes possible the scanning of various film types, including 35mm strips, slide mounts and IX-240 cartridges. High-resolution scanning at 4,000 dpi enables the production of strikingly detailed images. The 14-bit A/D input conversion and 8-/16-bit outputs deliver true, vibrant color. To ensure excellent overall image quality, the COOLSCAN V ED incorporates a high-quality CCD sensor.