35mm fast film & slide scanning service

We use the finest hardware available, Nikon's Coolscan 5000 ED scanners, with dust Dust and Scratch Detection and Removal, Color Restoration, and Grain Reduction. We offer scanning resolutions of up to 4000 dpi saved as TIFF or JPEG files. With images up to 5959x3946 pixels in dimension this means you can print 600mm x 400mm images at 250 dpi.

Negative scanning

These films can be supplied as a full length of film or cut into the standard 6 frame lengths. Images can be scanned to colour or to grey scale and returned to you back in one piece. Unlike many image scanners the images are scanned to full frame and are not cropped. Allowing maximum flexibility with your source files.

Slide scanning

Whether it's positive or negative scans black & white or colour we can scan slides from any age. We bring them back to life, allowing you to print, share and store these images in the digital word.

We have three levels of scanning Low, medium and high resolution. Check out our prices page to find out more.

Digitise analogue to digital video

We have a range of video scanning options to suit your requirements whether they are to scan from a VHS video recorder, Cine camera or capturing video from dvd. To find out more go to our prices page or contact us for a quote.

On site scanning

If you are worried about posting your negtives and you live in the London area site visits at home or in the office can be arranged. That way you have piece of mind and don't have to worry about loosing them in the post.

Contact us for a quote there might not always be a charge.

Other scanning services

Unlike some of our competitors, we will not cut your negatives and mount into slides. You get your negatives back in the way you supplied them.


Negative and slide scanning service