information on slide scanning

Scanner instructions



Slide scanning

When scanning a mounted slide, make sure the shiny surface of the slide is face up, then insert the slide into the scanner. When scanning film, insert the film-carrier into the scanner. (Please refer to the images below: ) *Note: The strip carrier will not go in all the way.

Inserting a mounted slide

Inserting the film-strip carrier (Nikon sign is facing up), From the Go menu, choose Applications > NikonScan > NikonScan 4. An image of a previously scanned picture may appear in the Nikon scanning window. If so, ignore the image and continue with step 5. In the Nikon scanning window choose the type of film to be scanned from the Settings menu.

If you are scanning a slide, select Positive.
If you are scanning a film strip in color, select Negative Color.
If you are scanning a film strip in black and white, select Negative Mono.
Choose a setting in the color-model menu.
If you are scanning a color slide or color film choose Calibrated RGB.
If you are scanning black-and-white (monochrome) slides or film, the Grayscale option is the best choice. Click the Preview button to create a preview of the image to be scanned.